Paul Yi, CEO

Paul Yi is the founder and CEO of RPM. He founded the company originally in 1998, and prior to this, served as general manager and other senior level positions for successful bay area machine shops. 

Paul comes from a mechanical engineering background, but has been involved with manufacturing for over 25 years. His intimate knowledge of both design and practical manufacturing gives him a superior advantage over competitors when it comes to value engineering and understanding costs. He serves as an inspiration and guide for the vision of RPM’s future.

Jane Yi, CFO

Jane Yi is co-founder and CFO of RPM. Together with Paul, Jane has been involved at the very beginning of the company’s origins and has helped build the company to what it is today. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Jane has also served in a sales capacity for the company, and is responsible for the development of some of RPM’s largest accounts. 

As Chief Financial Officer, Jane is in charge of all financial related processes, from supplier and employee payments, to overall cash flow, revenue, and expenditures.

Dave Graham VP Innovation

Dave Graham has been working in the manufacturing industry in Silicon Valley for over 30 years focused in the Medical, Aerospace, Semiconductor equipment and consumer electronic industry. Led up to 150 employees under me as a Senior production manager.

Developed  products from prototype to production in the US and Asia. 

Facilitated  manufacturing facilities, some for prototype and some for mass production at numerous global locations. 

Consulted for 6 years with Aerospace start up working with engineers to develop designs and components for the space launch industry.

Contributed to Design, Engineering, Facility set up and ERAP/Infrastructure development.

Hold 1 patent and 2 Patent Pending’s from consultant work. 

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